Disclosure of information

In accordance with the Code of Corporate Conduct of PJSC Mostotrest, the Company considers openness and transparency of information about its business operations and financial performance as a mechanism for control by its shareholders, the government and society as a whole, as well as an important tool to enhance the confidence of investors and counterparties.

In March 2015, PJSC Mostotrest approved the Regulation on Information Policy, which establishes the scope, timing and methods of public disclosure and provision of information to shareholders and other interested parties. PJSC Mostotrest has assumed additional disclosure obligations, as compared to existing legal requirements. PJSC Mostotrest discloses information about its subsidiaries, mission and strategy, significant risks, social and environmental policies, as well as additional information pertaining to corporate governance. Additional disclosure is made in the Annual Report.

The main form of disclosure is the publication of information on the website of PJSC Mostotrest. Additional forms of disclosure include press conferences for Russian and foreign media, conference calls to investors and analysts, and presentations to investors in major international financial centers.