Corporate Governance

PJSC Mostotrest is committed to maintaining the highest standards of corporate governance throughout the Group. Continuous improvement of the corporate governance system is a key long-term strategic priority at Mostotrest. Successful development, improvement and systematization of applicable corporate governance guidelines and rules are framed and supported by the Company’s Code of Corporate Conduct.

Mostotrest Long-Term Corporate Governance Priorities are:

  • Safeguard the rights and interests of shareholders and other interested parties
  • Information Transparency
  • Create an atmosphere of openness, trust and cooperation between the Company, its shareholders, managers, investors, employees, contractors and other interested parties

As a Russian public company, the Company corresponds to corporate governance practices and law and, among other matters, the Board of Directors includes three independent directors. Further, the Company has adopted regulations on insider information which are aimed at limiting insider trading and protecting commercially sensitive information. Mostotrest has also adopted regulations governing the activities of its management bodies.

The Company operates a two tier management structure with a Board of Directors overseeing a sole executive body — The CEO.

The Company’s management bodies are:

  • General Shareholders’ Meeting;
  • Board of Directors;
  • The CEO.