Construction of North Caucasusĺ largest trestle bridge across the Kuban River to begin in Karachai-Cherkessia next year


This was announced by Anatoly Ozov, deputy head of the Federal Motorway Directorate for the Karachai-Cherkess Autonomous Region. “This bridge carries great strategic significance for the republic, since its commissioning will mitigate the burden on one of the most congested sections of the Cherkessk–Dombai federal motorway, where traffic intensity exceeds 20 thousand cars per day, a number that is growing annually”, said Ozov.

This project has unique engineering specifications: the greatest bridge span length will be 126 metres; its total length will be 816 metres; supports will be 20 metres in height, and the structure foundation will exceed 10 metres in depth, Ozov said. The construction subcontractor is OOO Volga-Most.

RIA Novosti, 06/25/2010