Cloverleaf in the Kirov oblast officially open


A traffic interchange at the Gnusino-Shikhovo officially opened yesterday. The interchange construction began in 1989, but was interrupted due to lack of financing. The region’s administration in 2009 decided to complete the construction; new design documents were developed in order to do so. This is the first cloverleaf interchange that allows for four-way directional traffic from the Kirov region.

The interchange construction, which totalled 3,646 km in length and cost 78.6 million roubles, was completed by OOO SMU-1 Kirovskoye. The total road length of the project is 5.78 km. The interchange is located at a major intersection, and it accommodates traffic flows connecting Central Russia with the Urals, as well as southern parts of the Volga region with the Northern part of the country. A similar structure is soon to be built at the western bypass road of Kirov.

Vyatka Na Seti, 08/20/2010