Citys transport strategy


Moscow does not wait for favourable economic conditions, continues to build

In terms of road construction in Moscow, six months out of 2010 can be considered more than fruitful. The reconstruction of the Krestovsky crossover, the key to unclogging traffic headed towards Yaroslavl, is complete. In early July a transit overpass was opened in the vicinity of the Third transport ring, connecting Zvenigorodskoye motorway with the Moscow City business centre and Kutuzovsky prospekt. Construction of the Alabyano-Baltiysky tunnel continues as part of “Big Leningradka”, the city’s major construction project of recent years. A new bridge over the Moscow Canal is being erected. This will make way for reducing the load on the existing bridge, which is necessary to reconstruct it. Later on, the traffic over the canal will pass through both bridges, simultaneously. Reconstruction of another crucial metropolitan bridge — Nagatinsky — is next in line. Built in 1967, the bridge combines a motorway and a metro line. The reconstruction plan implies reinforcing superstructures and completely replacing communication lines and the road surface. In 2010, 56 billion roubles were allotted for road construction.

Vechernyaya Moskva, 08/24/2010