The MKAD–Leninsky Prospekt interchange to be completed in 2015


Moscow City Government, February 26, 2015
Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin inspected an interchange now being rebuilt at the Moscow Ring Road (MKAD) and Leninsky Prospekt.

“The Leninsky Prospekt—MKAD interchange is among the busiest. Last year we decided to rebuild the interchange here. There are plans to build four new overpasses, three underpasses and 17 kilometres of roadway. Although this project was to be completed in December 2015, we are planning to finish it in September-October. It will take no more than 18 months to complete it,” Mr Sobyanin noted.

Upgraded interchanges improve traffic on the MKAD and radial routes considerably. Ten major interchanges have already been built, either completely or in part, and the city has financed only two of them. The interchanges on Mozhaiskoye and Dmitrovskoye motorways are to be completed in 2015. Also, interchanges at the MKAD and the Leninsky and Ryazansky prospekts will be rebuilt entirely.

The MKAD—Leninsky Prospekt interchange is among the largest road structures to be completed this year. The project will include four overpasses, three underpasses and acceleration lanes.

The obsolete cloverleaf type interchange will be replaced by an interchange with flyovers. Separating the traffic that is entering or exiting the motorway is expected to double its capacity. This will improve traffic near the 44th and 45th kilometres of the MKAD along Kievskoye Motorway, in the direction of Vnukovo airport and towards central Moscow via Leninsky Prospekt.

Boris Prozorov, the deputy CEO of the general contractor, said the interchange was being worked on around the clock as planned. “We have enough workers and resources to keep our commitments and complete this interchange by September,” he said.

He also noted that some road structures could be completed ahead of schedule. “The left exiting flyover linking Leninsky Prospekt with the outer (counterclockwise) MKAD lanes is nearly complete; workers are pouring concrete now, and we can open it as early as this June,” Mr Prozorov added.

Mr Sobyanin stressed that the interchange should be rebuilt as soon as possible. “Whether we like it or not, traffic congestion in this area is a serious headache. That’s why the sooner the better, but this shouldn’t impair quality,” he added.

In March 2014, the city started rebuilding the Leninsky Prospekt—MKAD interchange. This project stipulates construction of four overpasses, including an 840-metre overpass linking Kievskoye Motorway with the inner (clockwise) MKAD lanes, a 750-metre overpass linking Leninsky Prospekt with the outer (counterclockwise) MKAD lanes, a 500-metre overpass linking Kievskoye Motorway with the outer (counterclockwise) MKAD lanes and a 90-metre auxiliary lane along the counterclockwise direction of the MKAD.

In addition, three underpasses 145 metres long will be built under the MKAD and Leninsky Prospekt to connect the inner (clockwise) MKAD lanes with Kievskoye Motorway. Exit ramps will be rebuilt, acceleration lanes put in place, and side roads built along the MKAD.

In all, 16.8 kilometres of road section, including 2.3 kilometres of overpasses and underpasses, will be built under the project.

There are plans to build two pedestrian overpasses at the 44th kilometre of the MKAD and near the town of Dudkino on Kievskoye Motorway.

The Transport Infrastructure Development programme is focusing on the construction and reconstruction of MKAD interchanges.

This year, plans include completed interchanges linking the MKAD with Leninsky and Ryazansky prospekts and Kashirskoye Motorway. Work is underway to rebuild an interchange at the MKAD and Profsoyuznaya Street.

The following structures have been built fully or in part: àn interchange with Leningradskoye Motorway, àn interchange with Volgogradsky Prospekt; an interchange with Michurinsky Prospekt; exit ramps at Marshal Zhukov Street (Zvenigorodskoye Motorway)—MKAD interchange; an interchange with Podolskikh Kursantov Street (an exit linking the Western Biryulyovo District with the MKAD); an interchange linking the northern Odintsovo bypass route with MKAD near Molodgvardeiskaya Street (1st stage), financed from the federal budget; the Businovskaya interchange, financed from the federal budget; the Kosinskaya overpass (an intersection with the Veshnyaki — Lyubertsy route).

The unfinished interchanges with the Mozhaiskoye and Dmitrovskoye Motorways are to be completed in 2015.

The traffic also improved at interchanges linking the MKAD with the Yaroslavskoye, Varshavskoye and Enthuziastov motorways during the reconstruction of these radial routes.