Ufa river bridge decreases trip from Sverdlovsk to Perm by 93 miles


Yekaterinburgnews.com, November 11, 2014
A bridge across the Ufa river opened on Thursday connecting the the Sverdlovsk and Perm regions, cutting out a 93-mile detour for motorists traveling to and from the village of Krasnoufimsk.

At the opening ceremony of the bridge, Sverdlovsk Deputy Minister of Transport and Communications Vasily Starkov said that the bridge will not only improve access to the Krasnoufimsky District, but will also improve the area’s own traffic conditions and improve the quality of life among residents overall, MidUral reports.

“Such a heavy object– a significant contribution to the socio-economic development of the region,” Krasnoufimsky District Head of Municipal Administration Oleg Ryapisov said, according to MidUral.

Construction of the bridge began in June 2011 by Sverdlovsk contractors Sverdlovskmostostroy and Jasmkine under the order of the regions highway management authority. Aside from the 775-foot bridge, crews are working to construct a 991-mile expanse of highway to improve connectivity between the Sverdlovsk and Perm regions. The total cost of project is estimated at $3.6 million.