Mayor Sobyanin endorses a project for rebuilding Kaluzhskoye Motorway


Moscow City Government, November 11, 2014
At a meeting of the Moscow Government Presidium Mayor Sergei Sobyanin endorsed the project for rebuilding the second and third stages (from the 29th to the 49th km) of the Kaluzhskoye Motorway.

“This motorway has become one of the most problematic in the past few years. It cannot handle the traffic flow. Last January we endorsed the plan for rebuilding the first stage of this motorway, while this time we’ve discussed the second and third stages of its reconstruction,” Mayor Sobyanin said.

The Kaluzhskoye Motorway (A-101) is one of the main elements of the transport network in the Troitsky and Novomoskovsky administrative areas. This motorway has currently exhausted its capacity. Moreover, the plan for the areas development provides for new growth points along this motorway, which will increase the population and the number of jobs.

The stage-by-stage reconstruction of the motorway was launched this year. At present, the authorities have approved the design estimates for its reconstruction and have chosen a contractor for construction and assembly operations (the ARKS Group of Companies). The reconstruction work will take place from 2014 through 2016.

According to Deputy Mayor for Urban Development and Construction Marat Khusnullin, the contractor has already launched the reconstruction of the motorways first stage between the Moscow Ring Road and the village of Sosenka.

The second stage of the motorways reconstruction will extend from the end of the by-route in the village of Sosenka to the Minzag subsidiary holding in the settlements of Sosenskoye, Voskresenskoye, Desyonovskoye and Troitsk. This section is 13.5 km long, including 2.4 km of new construction.

The third stage covers the distance between the Minzag subsidiary holding (Troitsks southern border) and the Central Ring Road in the settlement of Krasnopakhorskoye. This section is 6.8 km long.

The second and third stages provide for the expansion of the main road to three lanes in each direction, the launching of public transport at the far right designated transit lane, and the construction of a by-route in the village of Vatutinka. The project also envisages merging lanes at junctions and safe margins for approaching shops and other facilities along the road; service roads matching the parameters of thoroughfares of district significance; and an overpass at the crossing with the access road to the Arkhangelskoye recreation centre.

The project provides for the construction of a turn-around flyover at the crossing with the Desna River; a bridge across the river for the flow of traffic towards the Central Ring Road and the Moscow Ring Road; an overpass on the Kaluzhskoye Motorway to the southwest of the Desna village (at the crossing with the future motorway between the Minskoye Motorway, Troitsk and Shchapovskoye); another overpass on the Kaluzhskoye Motorway (at the beginning of the by-route in the village of Vatutinka); and yet another overpass on the same motorway at the crossing with the access road to the Sosny gated community (at the end of the by-route in Vatutinka).

The project also provides for rebuilding the bridge across the Pakhra River, replacing four traffic lights with six new ones; dismantling of three off-street pedestrian crossings and building 11 new ones; and arranging bays and upgrading utility lines.

These plans will be linked with the project on rebuilding the Central Ring Road. Mr Sobyanin, on your instructions we have held several meetings with Rosavtodor (the Federal Road Agency) to coordinate these plans with the latter project and carry them out simultaneously. Now well have an adequate motorway from the Moscow Ring Road to the Central Ring Road with all the required junctions, the Deputy Mayor said.

He added that local residents asked his department not to build motorways through townships and villages. Weve taken into account these requests of local residents and deputies. The new road will bypass Vatutinka completely. The old Kaluzhskoye Motorway will remain in the village, he explained.

Implementation of these plans will improve the traffic in the new administrative areas and enhance the safety of public and individual transport.