Sobyanin opens new overpass on Dmitrovskoye Motorway


Moscow City Government, October 27, 2014
Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin opened a new Dmitrovskoye Motorway overpass to traffic. The overpass is located outside the Moscow Ring Road (MKAD) near the village of Vinogradovo. “We continue to work on Dmitrovskoye Motorway between the MKAD and Moscow’s Severny (Northern) District,” Mr Sobyanin said. Three overpasses have been opened here so far, and now were opening the fourth one, he noted. The overpasses together, measuring about three kilometres long, are the largest construction project in Moscow and the Moscow Region, he added.

The overpass is 667 metres long, including a carriageway deck reinforced by a retaining wall. It is also 30.5 metres wide, with three lanes in each direction.

Earlier, a two-level interchange was opened at Dmitrovskoye and Dolgoprudnenskoye motorways. An overpass on Dmitrovskoye Motorway and a left-turn ramp at the Dmitrovskoye Motorway and the MKAD were also opened.

Two other road structures are under construction, including a MKAD interchange that will, hopefully, be completed next year. For its part, the Federal Road Agency (Rosavtodor) will have to eliminate a narrow bottleneck that will result after this wonderful motorway is completed, Mr Sobyanin noted. To the best of my knowledge, the tender has been held, and lets hope that this structure will also open next year, he added.

Dmitrovskoye Motorway beyond the MKAD is being rebuilt in line with three projects. The section between the Dolgoprudnenskoye Motorway and the border of Moscow is being upgraded here. There are plans to build two overpasses on Dmitrovskoye Motorway, as well as side streets in the area. Exit ramps to access a nearby residential area, two surface pedestrian crossings and ten public transit stops will also be built here. In all, 10.4 kilometres of roads will be built under the project.

To make life easier for residents in a nearby neighbourhood, plans include 4.8 kilometres of sound walls. This project was launched in March 2012. The main part of the project, namely, the construction of overpasses, is complete. The rest will be finished in 2014-2015.

The second Dmitrovskoye Motorway project stipulated a two-level interchange at Dolgoprudnenskoye Motorway. This overpass was opened on 5 September 2013. In all, the facility will have 4.5 kilometres of roads.

In addition, there are plans to rebuild the Dmitrovskoye Motorway—MKAD interchange which is currently being completed stage by stage. An overpass for inbound traffic to change onto the MKAD was opened in June 2014. Two pedestrian crossings have been completed. In all, the facility will include 10.8 kilometres of roads. And 25.7 kilometres of new roads will appear during the reconstruction of Dmitrovskoye Motorway.

The Dmitrovskoye Motorway project between the MKAD and the city limits will expand its capacity by introducing five-lane, rather than three-lane, traffic in each direction. Convenient public transit will be ensured, and traffic safety will improve by installing pedestrian underpasses and overpasses.

The reconstruction of Dmitrovskoye Motorway will mostly benefit residents of Moscows Severny District with a population of over 26,000, Mr Sobyanin said. There are plans to build a comprehensive residential neighbourhood here with a total area of over 400,000 square metres, including social facilities, such as schools, kindergartens and an outpatient clinic.

There is still a lot of work here, but I hope that everything will be completed by the summer of 2015, and all the main roads have already been built here, Mr Sobyanin stressed.

Moreover, the new FizTekh-XXI technology park of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology is being built in the Severnoye District. This project will provide 1,500 jobs and will include an administrative-business centre, university buildings, hotels, car parks and sport facilities.

To eliminate a bottleneck on the boundary between Moscow and the Moscow Region, Rosavtodor is working on a design to widen Dmitrovskoye Motorways outbound side.