Interchange at Leninsky Prospekt to be completed in 2015


Moscow City Government, September 15, 2014
Sergei Sobyanin inspected the interchange at the Moscow Ring Road (MKAD) and Leninsky Prospekt, which is being renovated.

“We have begun the construction of the interchange at Leninsky Prospekt and the Moscow Ring Road. This is one of the largest interchanges and is due to open in 2015. It is much anticipated, as it is one of the most difficult and problematic bottlenecks on the Ring Road and on the Kievskoye Motorway and Leninsky Prospekt, too,” Mr Sobyanin said.

The project includes over 16 kilometers of roadway, including four elevated roads, three underpasses and acceleration lanes. The outdated cloverleaf design will be replaced by a more efficient flyover ramp design.

About 16 kilometres of roads, two elevated roads and underpasses will be built here. These are very complex engineering projects, Sergei Sobyanin said. The project will improve traffic in the area of ​​the 44th and 45th kilometer markers on the MKAD, on the Kievskoye Motorway towards Vnukovo Airport and for inbound traffic on Leninsky Prospekt.

Work on the interchange began in March 2014. Currently, the pile foundations and flyover pillars are being installed. The construction of underpasses and a pedestrian crossing at the Kievskoye Motorway is also ongoing.About 450 people are working around the clock. The main effort is concentrated on the underpass as this is the most complex part. About 150 people are working on it, MISK Director General Farid Khaidarov told Mr Sobyanin.

The project envisages the construction of four elevated roads: from the Kievskoye Motorway on the clockwise and anticlockwise sides of the MKAD; from Leninsky Prospekt on the anticlockwise side of the MKAD; and one along the anticlockwise side.

Three underpasses will be built under the MKAD and Leninsky Prospekt to allow for a left side exit from the anticlockwise side of MKAD to the Kievskoye Motorway. The existing ramps will be renovated, and acceleration lanes and service roads will be built. Two pedestrian overpasses will be built near kilometre 44 on the MKAD and near the village of Dudkino on the Kievskoye Motorway.

The rebuilding of MKAD interchanges is a priority of the Moscow road development programme for the coming years.

New MKAD interchanges at the Leningradskoye Motorway, Volgogradsky Prospekt, Podolskikh Kursantov Street and the Odintsovo northern bypass road near Molodogvardeiskaya Street are already complete.

MKAD interchanges at the Mozhaiskoye Motorway, Dmitrovskoye Motorway and Michurinsky Prospekt will be completed this year.

MKAD interchanges at Leninsky Prospekt and the Kashirskoye Motorway are being renovated and the new Businovskaya interchange is now under construction.