New Yekaterinburg highway exchange to link Leninsky, Chkalovskiy districts

19/08/14, August 19, 2014
Last Thursday, the Sverdlovsk regional government announced that construction will soon begin on a transport interchange bridge in Yekaterinburg that will link the Leninsky and Chkalovskiy areas of the region.

The multi-level bridge will be constructed above the intersection of Moscow and Bypass roads in Yekaterinburg. The “full cloverleaf” design of the bridge is estimated to accommodate nearly 36,000 cars per day and will help alleviate traffic congestion caused by motorists traveling between Leninsky and Chkalovskiy via the four-lane Moscow road. On average, traffic slows to 6.2 miles per hour on Moscow road during peak periods, Oblastnaya Gazeta reports.

The construction of the interchange bridge was initially approved by the Sverdlovsk government in 2012, but work was stalled due to questions over the source of funding. Ultimately, regional authorities were able to allocate nearly $30 million for the creation of the bridge– approximately 95.6 percent of the total cost of construction.

Officials estimate the bridge will be completed in 33 months due to the complexity of the design and scope of preparatory work required. During the construction period, crews will need to shift more than 10.5 miles of heating, water supply, sewer and electricity lines before laying 278,800 square feet of asphalt pavement, according toOblastnaya Gazeta.