Opening of multi-level motorway interchange near Ulitsa Akademika Yangelya metro station


Moscow City Government, August 18, 2014.
The Moscow Mayor has opened traffic at a new multi-level interchange on Varshavskoye Motorway near Ulitsa Akademika Yangelya metro station. The interchange allowed for the elimination of the existing traffic signals along this section of the motorway and eased access to the adjacent streets.

Mr Sobyanin said that it was a relatively small but very effective interchange. It will eliminate one of the few remaining bottlenecks on Varshavskoye Motorway.

“The main work was completed in 2012-2013, but both local residents and deputies asked for another interchange at the intersection with Akademika Yangelya Street,” said Mr Sobyanin. This section used to be quite congested. It took us less than a year to build this interchange and widen the adjacent roads with a total length of 4 kilometres. I hope that this interchange will improve traffic further.

Before the reconstruction, the Varshavskoye Motorway-Akademika Yangelya Street intersection had traffic signals, causing kilometre-long traffic jams during peak hours. Now, cars and public transport on Akademika Yangelya Street will drive through the interchange without stopping.

The project was launched at the initiative of the local residents and deputies and became part of the programme of comprehensive renovation of Varshavskoye Motorway which was primarily conducted in 2011-2013. Per the Mayor’s instructions, work was finished in less than a year.

The construction began in October 2013 and was finished in August 2014. It included a six-lane overpass with a total length of 281.7 metres, a second side street on Akademika Yangelya Street from Kirovogradskaya Street to Varshavskoye Motorway, two flyover ramps, additional exits to the local streets and bus lay-bys.

In all, a total of 3.8 kilometres of roads were built. The project also included landscaping the surrounding area, with 104 trees and 223 shrubs and three hectares of new lawn.

The improvement of Chongarsky and Chernomorsky boulevards is almost complete, Mr Sobyanin said. The building facades are being renovated, as well as lighting, pavements and lawns. This is important work and it will be continued next year. The motorway will get a new look as soon as next year after this comprehensive improvement.

During the first stage of the project costs were reduced by 75%. Head of the Moscow Department of Construction Andrei Bockharyov said that the initial cost was 7 billion roubles, but later it was lowered to 1.7 billion. The reduced costs allowed the city to open the new section sooner.