Yamal and "The Corporation of Development" are ready to build the bridge across the Ob River

04/06/14, June 4, 2014
Investment plans for 2014 were the main issue in the agenda. The plenipotentiary of the President of the Russian Federation in Ural Federal Okrug Igor Kholmanskikh, the governor of Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug Dmitriy Kobylkin, the governor of Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug Natalia Komarova, the acting governor of Tyumen Oblast Vladimir Yakushev and also the director general of "The Corporation of Development" Sergey Maslov participated in the sitting. 

By the words of Igor Kholmanskikh, Nadym was chosen for conducting of the sitting not occasionally – one of key objects of the Northern Latitudinal Route is being built here. The project is important strategically and necessary for involving of production of hydrocarbons of the Polar Ural and also decrease of time of transportation to export ports. 

All the participants completely understand strategic significance of the project and precisely fulfill taken obligations. Beside time of input of the object to operation, "The Corporation of Development" pays big attention to quality of work, as the plenipotentiary notes. As he declares, fulfillment of the project is very important in the light of the latest decisions of the Head of the State during his visit to China, as it is informed on the portal "Pravda UrFO" ( As we should note, in conformity with the instruction of the President of the Russian Federation, the government of Yamal and "The Corporation of Development" completed preparation to building of the linear part and the bridge passage across the Ob River. It is an important component of the Northern Latitudinal Route.

By the information of the governor of Yamal Dmitriy Kobylkin given on the meeting with journalists during the direct broadcasting of "Yamal-Region", the bridge is a loss-making object, and today the region is choosing investors. By his words, this project costs 70 milliard rubles. This is large money, and it will come back to the state not soon. The President included the bridge into the federal targeted program with financing in 61 milliard rubles, Yamal will allocate the rest money. Building is planned for 2017. The governor's aim, by his words, is to do so that this work would start already this year. He is going to meet with Vladimir Putin and to present his work. Two investors are ready to build the bridge without money of the state, but with one condition, if they receive money back in 2017. The Russian Railways also want to participate in it. Today the region is choosing investors, as the head of the region explains.