Subsidiaries and Affiliated Companies

LLC Transstroymekhanisatsiya (100% stake in the share capital) is a transport infrastructure construction and overhaul company specialising in highways (both concrete and asphalt), airfields and taxiways. It currently operates primarily in the Central, the Southern and Far East Federal Districts. Currently Transstroymekhanisatsiya is involved in upgrade of M-4 “Don” and M-11 ôMoscow - St.Petersburgö highways segments, airports in Krasnoyarsk and Khabarovsk territories, Sheremetyevo International Airport upgrade and development and other infrastructure projects.

OJSC Mostostroy-11 (25.001% stake in the share capital) is one of the largest bridge-building companies in Russia. With a history dating back to 1975, it operates through eight branches located in the Urals and the Southern Federal District. OJSC Mostostroy-11’s key areas of operation include the construction and repair of highway, railway and city bridges, footpaths as well as transport, civil and industrial construction in Tyumen oblast, Khanty-Mansi and Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Areas. Since 2000 the Company has been operating in Krasnodar region, Moscow region, Bashkortostan and Kazakhstan.

JV Russian Highway Operations B.V.áá(50% stake in the share capital) is a company controlling 100% UTS, that isáspecialising in repair, maintenance and toll-based operation and established to implement toll-based road projects and develop optimal technological solutions for intelligent traffic management systems.

JSC Mostotrest-Serviceá(43,33% stake in the share capital)is a company specialising in providing comprehensive services in automobile road and bridge maintenance, including road markings, lighting systems, traffic lights, traffic density and weather condition monitoring and information systems, as well as automobile road and bridge repair and overhaul services, the substantial part of which are provided using own in-house capabilities. Established in 1996, the company is headquartered in Moscow and has 20 branches.

Plexy Ltd. (100% stake in the share capital) is a company which owns 50% stake in the North-West Concession Company, the concessionary for the 15-58 km segment of the Moscow – Saint-Petersburg Toll Highway, under a contract from Avtodor State Company.