Maintaining a high level of staff professionalism is a strategic objective at Mostotrest. As a key criterion for career growth, professionalism is achieved primarily through continuous improvement of employee skills and qualifications. Consequently, Mostotrest pays close attention to the education and training of employees. Compulsory training for blue-collar workers and engineers fully complies with existing Russian legislation and includes a range of activities (vocational training and retraining, upskilling, seminars and training for management and professionals).

Upskilling, at least once every five years, is mandatory for all Mostotrest engineers and technical employees. Typically, training is conducted at specialist universities (mostly Moscow State University of Railway Engineering). Mostotrest professionals are involved in the development of training program curricula. Mandatory training for blue-collar employees is generally conducted by Mostotrest production training professionals, with obligatory examination in a licensed training center.

Mostotrest has training programmes in the following areas:

  • Training of employees in accordance with Health and Safety legislation requirements;
  • Professional training, retraining and advanced training for employees;
  • Seminars and training courses for managers, engineers and specialists;
  • Career enhancing training courses for the employees.

Young specialists

Mostotrest cooperates with the leading Russian universities in the area of staff training and recruitment:

  • Moscow State University of Railway Engineering
  • Rostov State University of Railway Engineering
  • State Technical University — MADI
  • Saratov Technical University
  • Voronezh State University of Architecture and Construction
  • Nizhniy Novgorod State University of Architecture and Construction
  • Yaroslavl Technical University
  • Siberia Motorway Institute
  • Siberia State University of Railway Engineering

The Company welcomed more than 600 interns in 2018, and hired more than 75 graduates from specialized universities and colleges.